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How to combine TrackingDesk and Replug to supercharge your campaigns

There are many link shortening/tracking tools out there. Some of them are extremely powerful when it comes to catching your visitors attention. Plus they give you the ability to monitor the performance of your posts, which can be very useful. In this article we are exploring the combination of our platform with Replug.io. Replug.io, apart from being a recent AppSumo alumni, is an easy, intuitive a...
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Berlin Affiliate Conference 2016: Hidden Cash Beyond the First Click

Berlin affiliate conference 2016
Last year IGBAffiliate invited me to speak at their Berlin Affiliate Conference where I talked about tracking and managing traffic. It was great to see that affiliates from different industries were so receptive to growing their businesses with data driven marketing. Some were familiar with tracking while others weren't, regardless it was easy to see that they walked away with the feeling t...
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Best Pieces of Advice From Top Affiliate Marketing Influencers

Let's face it- there are a ton of affiliate marketers out there, but few can really have the bragging rights to say they make money while they sleep. In fact, only about 3.3% of affiliate make $500,000 per year . They might all have different priorities and reasons for doing affiliate marketing but the bottom line is that it takes hard work and persistence. Even if you're a veteran in the aff...
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Making Money in Affiliate Marketing

How many times did you fall down the first time you rode a bike? I bet you can't remember.  You probably started with training wheels and then took them off.  With every mistake you learned to could keep your balance for more than 5, 10, 40, 60 seconds... You eventually got the hang of it to the point that you didn't need somebody watching you or even a helmet. Like any skill in life, a...
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6 Powerful Tips to Maximize Your Pinterest Traffic

Maximize traffic
During February 2015 Pinterest removed all tracking and affiliate links from their "boards" preventing affiliates to take advantage of their enormous traffic.  But less than one month ago Pinterest reversed their policy and  joined other social networks allowing affiliates to promote sites. The good news is, that there are over 100 million monthly active users on the 5 year old platform- So t...
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