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Product Updates

Important product updates to help maximize users’ tracking capabilities.

Let your competitors do the work for you

iSpionage - spy on competitors
  When it comes to your marketing strategy, there's no need to reinvent the wheel, especially when your competitors have already done the hard work figuring out what drives traffic and conversions. Since ad campaigns need to be constantly renewed, optimized and updated, it is crucial to get inspiration from what's happening around you. You can check what your competitors are do...
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Test offer links can increase ROI

As an affiliate, you have very little control over where your traffic is going after it has left your tracker. Essentially, you are given an offer link, which is meant to redirect visitors to a specific page. Yet, the affiliate network might restrict the traffic reaching such advertiser according to various criteria such as: Traffic Type - Email marketing, PPC, Pop Device Targeting - Mobil...
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[idea] Compare smart link providers

Idea: Find out who are the best providers by rotating smart links so you can increase your revenues. We all know YTZ International and their fantastic traffic optimization process. While they have been in this game for a very long time and they have probably one of the best reputation and monetization process, it is very likely that new providers can have a positive impact on your bottom line. ...
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[idea] – Combine GEO & Language targeting

It's not a secret that the world is becoming smaller, people are traveling and immigration is on the rise wherever you look. California, Florida have a very large Hispanic population, Australia has welcome the Asian immigrants and Europe is a melting pot where you will find all nationalities. By building landing pages for specific languages and target specific countries, you increase you...
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[idea] – Build your smart links

What are smart links:  For affiliate and media buyers, smart links can be leverage to run campaigns without having to configure custom targeting rules to redirect visitors according to their "user-agents" (ex: GEO, Device, browser, time-stamp) to suitable offer links or landing pages. Some companies like YTZ and Monetizer have built their names and reputation around their optimization ...
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