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Product Updates

Important product updates to help maximize users’ tracking capabilities.

[Released] The Upgraded Organic Tracking Script

What is the TrackingDesk Organic Tracking Script? The Organic Tracking script is a piece of code that you add to your website or landing page, which tracks your traffic when the visitor loads your page. As opposed to a regular campaign URL (AKA tracking link, redirect URL), the visitors can navigate to your site naturally from a Google search or a backlink and it will be tracked as if it had clic...
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How Postback URL’s work (And how to fix them)

Test Postback URL
Understanding the Postback URL mechanism is the first step toward flawless tracking. Once you will master the postback URL data flow, everything will become much clearer, which will allow you to make huge progress toward your Data-Driven Marketing journey. As opposed to image pixel tracking, the postback URL requires data to move from one server to another. This is why Postback URL is a...
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Tracking Facebook Campaigns [Integrations]

Tracking Facebook Campaigns is probably one of the most important requirements for digital marketers, as it is considered by many as one of the best traffic sources. Their granular campaign targeting and the huge amount of traffic that can be acquired is for any online marketer, not comparable to any other traffic source. Unfortunately, Tracking Facebook campaigns have always been a struggle. ...
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AdWords remarketing with TrackingDesk campaign Data

Adwords remarketing
Who said TrackingDesk and Google Analytics couldn't work together? If you are advertising on AdWords, you know how efficient their remarketing campaigns can be. Yet, to make the most out of AdWords remarketing power, you need first to build your audience, and not any kind of audience. How do you define your audiences? First of all, for an Adwords remarketing campaign to be efficient, you ne...
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Let your competitors do the work for you

iSpionage - spy on competitors
  When it comes to your marketing strategy, there's no need to reinvent the wheel, especially when your competitors have already done the hard work figuring out what drives traffic and conversions. Since ad campaigns need to be constantly renewed, optimized and updated, it is crucial to get inspiration from what's happening around you. You can check what your competitors are do...
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