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DNTX: A New Start With Their Latest Platform “Tonic”

Tonic logo
The ad industry is moving fast and it's always important to stay up to date so you don't fall behind.  Recently, the ad network DNTX released a newsletter to announce the launch of their new platform Tonic.  If you're a media buyer that frequently used DNTX they'll transfer your account directly to the new platform soon. The Tonic team made some pretty cool upgrades and from what we understoo...
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The TrackingDesk Referral Program – The Launch!

TrackingDesk referral program crowd
  Tracking platforms have been around for a while and if you're reading this post, chances are that you know the story. So I'll spare you the what an affiliate has to gain by using them and what sort of insights are gained. What might not be 100% obvious, is that every affiliate marketer needs a tracking software. Like everyone needs an email address or an internet connection, a sol...
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Thank You All From Affiliatech 2016 Conference

affiliatech 2016
This week I made my way to Affiliatech in Tel Aviv.  I got to speak in a panel (thanks Ori Matarasso for moderating!) of 3 performance marketing veterans to discuss the challenges and the strategies needed to succeed in affiliate marketing.  It was a great experience and I've got to thank the event organizers and Dana Eliyahu of Affiliatech for inviting me to share my knowledge. I also learne...
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Affilliate World Berlin 2016

Affiliate World Berlin
Later this month, I'll be heading off to the Affiliate World Conference in Berlin. There are going to be a ton of influencers speaking and I'm looking forward to hearing where they think the industry is headed to.  While I am sure it's now obvious to everyone that Data Driven Marketing is an integral part of our daily routine, more tactics, tools and overall strategies will be discussed and unco...
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Affiliate Summit New York 2016

The Affiliate Summit is going to be an action packed event with 3 trade shows, networking events, and educational sessions with industry experts.  With over 5,000 atendees it will be a great opportunity to find new connections and learn how to grow from now and onward.  There are going to be some great talks and I'm really interested in is to see how successful all star affiliate marketers see...
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