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Conversion Optimization

The how-to’s when and ins and outs in conversion optimization to run successful campaigns.

Prioritize Traffic over Conversions?

  I came across a very interesting post this morning by Neil Patel which explains why you should almost always prioritize traffic over conversion optimization. Naturally, it doesn't apply to all type of marketing, goals and offers you might promote, but it provides some very good real-life examples and insights, which I am sure you will be able to relate to. Each of us can take a...
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The famous Tracking trick

We would love to be magicians (too), but we're not! I mean, Michael (our CTO) is very good. Probably one of the best in town. And yet, he's not a magician!¬† As for me? Forget it. I'm just a regular guy who's been around the track a few times.   No my friends! Tracking isn't a magic trick that happens out of thin air. Tracking is simple once you've got the experience, the understa...
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AdWords Offline Conversion Excel Template

Adwords offline conversion tracking As an affiliate, you don't have the luxury to add your Adwords Conversions script on your advertiser thank you page. Therefore, the only option to signal AdWords that your ads have generated conversions is to use their offline conversion tracking. To upload offline conversions, you need to use a specific excel format which you can access here. Step by...
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Promoting Banc De Binary? Don’t get caught with your pants down.

Shit Happens - You need a contingency plan to prevent bleeding traffic to a 404 page. Some Context: The Active / Inactive button that you can see across all TrackingDesk entities has been the subject of many animated debates among the team and often the cause of some frustrations among TrackingDesk users. In fact, over the past 12 months, this function has been scheduled to be deprecated sev...
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Black Friday Bonanza: The $4 Billion Affiliate Payday

black friday
For the average American, December means vacation, time with the family, and shopping. While some disagree that escaping work to have more time with their in-laws is a good thing, all Americans can agree on one thing: No matter what your plans are for the holidays, you're going to do more shopping in a span of less than a week than you do all year long. In fact, in 2015 Americans plan...
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