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Conversion Optimization

The how-to’s when and ins and outs in conversion optimization to run successful campaigns.

[Infographic] – How to Measure SEO Return On Investment

Try to measure SEO return on investment (ROI) when you run a portal or review website and you will hit a Chinese Wall. Nowadays, traffic lands on your site through many sources. Social Media, backlinks, search engines, email marketing, and event paid media fill your Google Analytics with traffic data. Once you've congratulated yourself on your newly acquired positions on the SERP, you are trying t...
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AdWords Postback URL [HACK]

AdWords Postback URL
Every affiliate marketer that has ever tried to run campaigns on AdWords knows that there is not such a thing as an AdWords Postback URL. And despite this huge limitation, affiliates are still considering AdWords to be the best traffic source. The AdWords Postback URL (the story of a growth hack)   AdWords is perhaps the best traffic source out there, it is also the most demanding, s...
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Guide: How to Track Your Top 10 Product Review Site?

Track a top 10 product review site
"How to": Track Top 10 Product Review Sites Top 10 review sites have always been great money makers for affiliates. Yet, tracking many offers on a website is not easy, especially when you get traffic from a mix of traffic sources.   Organic Traffic backlinks AdWords Bing Social Media email marketing One function those traffic sources have in common: They are all...
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Prioritize Traffic over Conversions?

  I came across a very interesting post this morning by Neil Patel which explains why you should almost always prioritize traffic over conversion optimization. Naturally, it doesn't apply to all type of marketing, goals and offers you might promote, but it provides some very good real-life examples and insights, which I am sure you will be able to relate to. Each of us can take a...
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The famous Tracking trick

We would love to be magicians (too), but we're not! I mean, Michael (our CTO) is very good. Probably one of the best in town. And yet, he's not a magician!¬† As for me? Forget it. I'm just a regular guy who's been around the track a few times.   No my friends! Tracking isn't a magic trick that happens out of thin air. Tracking is simple once you've got the experience, the understa...
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