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Tracking Facebook Campaigns [Integrations]

Tracking Facebook Campaigns is probably one of the most important requirements for digital marketers, as it is considered by many as one of the best traffic sources. Their granular campaign targeting and the huge amount of traffic that can be acquired is for any online marketer, not comparable to any other traffic source. Unfortunately, Tracking Facebook campaigns have always been a struggle. ...
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AdWords remarketing with TrackingDesk campaign Data

Adwords remarketing
Who said TrackingDesk and Google Analytics couldn't work together? If you are advertising on AdWords, you know how efficient their remarketing campaigns can be. Yet, to make the most out of AdWords remarketing power, you need first to build your audience, and not any kind of audience. How do you define your audiences? First of all, for an Adwords remarketing campaign to be efficient, you ne...
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AffiliaXe – API – TrackingDesk [How to]

Everybody wants to save time. Time is the only commodity that can never ever be bought or sold for that matter. But if you want the proof, try browsing through the thousands of offers available in AffiliaXe. You won't find one selling time, but you'll find plenty offering task management applications. So when it comes to workflows, one of the metrics we all look at is time. How much we m...
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SelfAdvertiser: Get High Quality Targeted Traffic [bonus Inside]

SelfAdvertiser has been integrated in TrackingDesk for quite a while now and users love it for its high quality traffic and the volume they can deliver on demand. Even if you know the steps to manage your traffic well, using a reliable traffic source with a tracking platform gives you more leverage to lift conversions. No matter what ad formats you use, SelfAdvertiser has a wide variety for ...
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Instapage & TrackingDesk = SuperPower!!

instapage and trackingdesk
Here at TrackingDesk we love Instapage! The reason is simple: Instapage is one of the most powerful and intuitive landing page solution for digital marketers, teams, and agencies with an integration ecosystem that makes it easy to integrate with third-party apps and solutions, like TrackingDesk. By combining TrackingDesk with Instapage you make your affiliate marketing more effective. Wh...
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