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[Infographic] – How to Measure SEO Return On Investment

Try to measure SEO return on investment (ROI) when you run a portal or review website and you will hit a Chinese Wall. Nowadays, traffic lands on your site through many sources. Social Media, backlinks, search engines, email marketing, and event paid media fill your Google Analytics with traffic data. Once you've congratulated yourself on your newly acquired positions on the SERP, you are trying t...
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Why every digital marketer needs a solid VPN?

VPN Services
VPN services for affiliates are not the first business applications affiliates signup with, but you will quickly realize how useful they are when it comes to your daily routine. As a performance marketer, you need some business applications like TrackingDesk to run your campaigns. But sometimes you need business applications which are simply essential to work efficiently. Some applications ...
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[affiliate deal ] Full Keyword Tracking in Google Analytics

Discover the organic keywords fueling your revenue Way back in 2011, we lost something very dear to our hearts. No, I’m not talking about the McRib; I’m talking about organic keywords in Google Analytics. (You didn’t have to do us like that, Sergey.) Suddenly, a dreaded (not provided) replaced valuable keyword information that helped SEO efforts around the world. Thankfully the Key...
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[Released] The Upgraded Organic Tracking Script

What is the TrackingDesk Organic Tracking Script? The Organic Tracking script is a piece of code that you add to your website or landing page, which tracks your traffic when the visitor loads your page. As opposed to a regular campaign URL (AKA tracking link, redirect URL), the visitors can navigate to your site naturally from a Google search or a backlink and it will be tracked as if it had clic...
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How Postback URL’s work (And how to fix them)

Test Postback URL
Understanding the Postback URL mechanism is the first step toward flawless tracking. Once you will master the postback URL data flow, everything will become much clearer, which will allow you to make huge progress toward your Data-Driven Marketing journey. As opposed to image pixel tracking, the postback URL requires data to move from one server to another. This is why Postback URL is a...
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