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[idea] – Combine GEO & Language targeting

Affiliate marketing ideas

It’s not a secret that the world is becoming smaller, people are traveling and immigration is on the rise wherever you look.

California, Florida have a very large Hispanic population, Australia has welcome the Asian immigrants and Europe is a melting pot where you will find all nationalities.

By building landing pages for specific languages and target specific countries, you increase your chance of hitting the right person in the right place.

How to go about it?

Let’s take the example of Russians living in Switzerland (It’s not a secret that lots of wealthy Russians live in Switzerland)

  • Build a landing page in Russian & Add it to TrackingDesk
  • Set the Language Settings to Russian
  • Set the GEO Target to Switzerland
  • Create your campaign and associate the Landing Page to the relevant offer.
  • Apply the GEO and Language Rule Targeting
  • Activate the Global Fallback

Magically, the users with Browser language settings set to Russian and from Swiss IP addresses will reach the Russian landing page. All other users, will reach the other landing pages set in the campaign, or will be redirected through the Global Fallback to the appropriate offers.