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AffiliaXe – API – TrackingDesk [How to]


Everybody wants to save time. Time is the only commodity that can never ever be bought or sold for that matter. But if you want the proof, try browsing through the thousands of offers available in AffiliaXe. You won’t find one selling time, but you’ll find plenty offering task management applications.

So when it comes to workflows, one of the metrics we all look at is time.

  • How much we made this month?
  • How much will I make next month?
  • How many conversions this month? Yesterday? Month to date?
  • How long do I have left for this promotion?

Got the point?

So, even if I said it numerous times I’ll say it again: Tracking is tracking. I’ve tried pretty much every platform out there, and I haven’t seen anything special or that tracks better. Either you track, or you don’t!

But when it comes to workflows, saving time and efficiency, this is where each and everyone of the platforms out there, make the difference and stand out (or not).

And this is one of the focus of our team here. We try to hard to build workflows that will allow you to move fast and be agile.

There are a few examples such as the bulk import of offers and offer links via a CSV upload, or the multiple integrations with Traffic Sources or affiliate networks.

But one of the time saving feature is the HasOffers API Integration which simply saves hours of work! And when you look at the number of offers the AffiliaXe guys have in their network, this feature really makes sense.

Here is an example of how to integrate your Affiliaxe Account with TrackingDesk via the HasOffers API.



Whether you run a few offers or run global campaigns with hundreds of offers, having the ability to quickly add, update or test new offers is a must have for the agile marketer.

Your next 5 minutes investment in trying out TrackingDesk can yield one of the highest ROI. Try Now!