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TrackingDesk one-on-one Walk through


You are one step away from getting to know TrackingDesk in a way that will allow you to quickly understand how  the software can adapt to your needs. That’s right! Whether you run PPC, PPV, SEO, Native, Social, email campaigns or monetize your own traffic, the software adapts to your needs rather than provides you a framework to which you need to adapt.

The Walk Through is done via Skype Screen-Sharing of which instruction will be sent via email once you book your session on our calendar. Below you will find the details of the session.

You can book your session here

During the walk through we will go through the following sections:

Nb: We strongly suggest you prepare a list of traffic sources and affiliate networks you work with so we can get things done.

  1. Publisher / Traffic Sources setup
    • Predefined publishers such as : AdWords, 50onRed, TrafficVance and more
    • Manual setup : Your own traffic sources such as your site, blog or a traffic source that hasn’t been predefined
    • Postback setup
    • Parameter, Tokens and Alias meaning
  2. Advertisers / Affiliate networks
    • Predefined Affiliate networks such as: PeerFly, MaxBounty or ClickBank
    • Affiliate network running on specific technologies: HasOffers, LinkTrust, Cake Marketing
    • Manual setup of an affiliate network: One that hasn’t been predefined or integrated
  3. Setup of Offers and offer links
    • Importance of each properties such as: Geo Target, Categories
    • Targeting Rules: Devices, OS, Language, Day-Parting and others.
    • Conversion setup, offer postback, pixel tracking and global pixel
  4. Setup of Landing Pages
    • Targeting criterias
    • Call To Actions
  5. Setup of campaigns
    • Direct Linking
    • Landing pages
    • Mix of Direct linking and Landing pages
    • Rule targeting
    • FallBack Options
    • SEO campaigns
    • Call to Action rotations
    • Custom tracking domains
  6. Analytics functions
    • Filtering
    • Time zones
    • Grouping
    • Detailed Conversion reports
  7. Best Practices
    • Account setup and order
    • Campaign optimization
    • Understanding the logic
  8. Your requirements
    • Specific campaigns
    • Funnels
    • Anything else you wish to ask