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Drip Review – The Affiliate Marketing perspective

drip review

Most online marketing software are built for digital marketers promoting their own products or services. As an affiliate, you are by definition an “online marketer”, but your marketing software needs are quite different. As such, you have probably been lured more than once into trying a new software, to realize after a few moments, that the software is not right for you and that you will need to either use the…
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[Infographic] – How to Measure SEO Return On Investment

Try to measure SEO return on investment (ROI) when you run a portal or review website and you will hit a Chinese Wall. Nowadays, traffic lands on your site through many sources. Social Media, backlinks, search engines, email marketing, and event paid media fill your Google Analytics with traffic data. Once you’ve congratulated yourself on your newly acquired positions on the SERP, you are trying to make some “educated guesses” on…
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