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How to track your Top 10 Product Review site?

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How to: Track Top 10 Product review sites Top 10 review sites have always been great money makers for affiliates. Yet, tracking many offers on a website is not easy, especially when you get traffic from a mix of traffic sources. Organic Traffic, backlinks, AdWords, Bing, Social Media, email marketing… Those traffic sources have one thing in common: They are all compatible with standard UTM parameters. The feature we recommend…
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Prioritize Traffic over Conversions?

  I came across a very interesting post this morning by Neil Patel which explains why you should almost always prioritize traffic over conversion optimization. Naturally, it doesn’t apply to all type of marketing, goals and offers you might promote, but it provides some very good real-life examples and insights, which I am sure you will be able to relate to. Each of us can take away something from this…
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